PAN Verification

Pan Card Verification: PAN is a Permanent Account Number is issued to every Indian citizen, it is an important document introduced by Income Tax Department. The main reason behind launching PAN is to make a record of all the taxpayers or non-tax payers. The PAN contains 10 digits unique number which is used for financial transactions to every citizen of India who falls under the category of tax act.

It is not essential for everyone to have Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card, but it is compulsory for every Indian citizen who earns above Rs. 2.50 lakh and reliable for taxpaying. It is a responsibility of every citizen to pay income tax time so that government can use this money for the welfare of a nation.


Is PAN Card Verification Required?

The need of Pan Verification is to check whether all the details of PAN card are right or there is some misprint. If you are a PAN card holder and want to verify your PAN card then no need to worry, Because Pan Card Verification is now possible online only in one click. Sometimes it happens that the information that is printed on your PAN card is different from the original one that you filled in the application form. So in that case, if you want to verify your PAN details online, you have to fill some necessary information such that Name, Surname/Last Name, PAN number and Captcha (Code for human verification). It is very easy to check you PAN online only in few steps only you have to fill correct information.

How to Verify Pan Card Online


You can verify PAN Card by following any of the given methods below:

  • Pan Card Verification by Pan Number or Pan Number Verification
  • Pan card Verification by UTISL
  • Pan Card Verification by Name & Date of Birth (DOB)
  • NSDL Pan card Verification

For PAN verification, follow these steps:

Open the link of NSDL i.e or click here
Need to enter PAN Number
F the given captcha image in the form
Now click on SUBMIT button
After clicking on submit, New window will open in which you can see your all information.

Pan Verification by PAN No

PAN Card can be verified by PAN number when you want to check whether your PAN is correct or not or you want to cross check PAN Card number with your name. So, follow these steps for NSDL Pan card details by pan number:

  • Open the link.
  • Fill your PAN Card number into the first Box.
  • Enter the Capcha code that is shown in the image.
  • Click on the submit button, and then you will get a new window with your Pan name and all other related information.

Pan Card verification online:

The Internet is such a platform where you can get every detail about the whole world. Income tax department allows you to verify your Pan Card online where you can find out or verify your PAN card details. By just entering your basic information such as your name and date of birth or Pan number, you get your Pan Card details quickly.

UTI Pan Verification:

If you have applied to get new Pan Card by UTISL pan centre and want to find about your Pan Card application, then you have to follow below steps and get your PAN Card quickly:

  1. First, select your type of Pan application.
  2. Now, enter your PAN No.
  3. After that, fill your coupon number.
  4. To find the details you have to fill your application or coupon number, or both.
  5. You can leave the applicant name blank.
  6. Now, press submit button to see your Pan application.

Pan Card verification online By Father Name:

In India there are so many people having the same name therefore in order to stop any confusion, a government of India include the name of the father of a Pan Card holder. Therefore now you can verify your PAN card by Father Name also.

NSDL Pan Verification

If you have applied for new Permanent Account Number by NSDL PAN Centre and wants to know about your Pan Card application form, then you have to follow below procedure:

1. First of all select your type of PAN application
2. Then enter your application number
3. After that, enter your coupon number
4. In order to find your all PAN card, you have to enter your application as well as coupon number.
5. If you want to leave the applicant name blank, then you can.
6. Now, click on submit button to verify your PAN status.

Pan Verification by Name and Date of Birth (DOB):

Now you can also verify your PAN card with your name and Date of Birth. This is very helpful and convenient because it is tough to remember 10 digits permanent Account Number. So if you lost your then no need to worry because you can still verify your PAN card. Be sure that you are entering correct spelling of your name in order to avoid verification failure.

Steps of Pan Card Verification by Name and Date of Birth

1. Click on the official website of NSDL then enter your date of birth in a given format that is mentioned in the online form.
2. After that fill your Surname/Last Name, First Name and Middle Name in the online PAN verification form.
3. Then enter the captcha carefully into the given box.
4. After that click on the Submit button
5. In case of any error , refresh the link and again fill all the information carefully

Contact Details:
In the case of any query, you can contact on below address.

Online PAN Verification Team
NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited
1st Floor, Times Tower, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W),
Mumbai – 400013.

So, by the above mentioned processes you can easily Verify Pan Card details including your PAN number, PAN applicant name and other necessary details.