Know about PAN Card Eligibility Criteria and Age

Permanent Account Number (PAN), as it is generally known should be possessed by each taxpayer in the country and anybody who wants to do business in India. The government has made it compulsory for entities to refer PAN for a number of transactions and anybody involving in these transactions should forcibly have a PAN. A taxpayer or assessee can pertain for a PAN on part of others, involving minors. PAN Card

What is ITBA PAN and its Benefits?

PAN is an alphanumeric number including ten digits is given by the Income Tax Department of India in the form of a plastic-coated card. This card is provided under section 139A of the Income Tax Act of India. This card serves as a significant proof of identity. Although this card cannot be used as an address proof for citizenship, but is necessary for a large number of financial uses like

How to Surrender PAN Card

Surrender PAN Card: All tax payers and entities are needed to apply for a PAN card for the task of filing their IT Tax Returns. The Income Tax Department provides PAN cards on the part of the government of India. A PAN card is a unique ten digit character number that is allotted to each tax payer, and only one can be allotted to a tax paying entity. PAN cards

PAN Card Correction/Modification

A PAN is a very significant document from the Indian financial perspective, with everybody taking part in monetary activities anticipated to have it. Given its significance, most of us have a tendency to carry it on us, thus exposing it to the threat of loss or damage. Whereas prevention is better than treatment, there are times when we either misplace it or require modifications to a present card. Opposite to popular belief,

Download PAN Card Correction Form UTIITSL and NSDL

Pan card is one of the most significant documents for all the Indian citizens in order to deal with some of the transactions online. At the time of applying for new PAN card, you require appending some of your suitable information in the application form. In a while, after some years, if any of your information such as mobile number, address has been modified or if there is any type

How to Cancel PAN Card

Permanent account number or PAN, which is a 10-digit alphanumeric code, allotted by the income tax department under the complete supervision of the CBDT acts as a valid identity proof for all taxpayers and has to be compulsorily referenced in all financial transactions. As per Income Tax Law, having more than one PAN card is an illegal offense as per the Act. An individual cannot hold more than one PAN

How to Get PAN Card in 5 minutes Via Aadhaar e-KYC

Pressing onto digital India, the Central Board of Direct Taxes is preparing to issue PAN card on the real-time basis by making use of the e-KYC facility of Aadhaar card. Also, a smartphone application is being expanded to pay income tax online, and it will also have different services such as applying for PAN card and keeping record of tax returns. The government of India has taken one more remarkable

15 Reasons Why PAN Card is Important for an Individual?

Introduced as essentially a method to find out a person from taxation viewpoint, the PAN card is used for different purposes as well. In this post, let us have a look at conditions where you will require a PAN card in India and why is PAN card significant in India. If you have not applied to PAN then apply for PAN Card Online. Permanent Account Number is a ten digit alphanumeric number provided

Documents Required for PAN Card Application

If you are applying for PAN card, then you need to get an overall list of all the documents needed for applying for a PAN card. The application for PAN card needs a specific list of documents. Submitting appropriate documents will make the processing of your application faster. You require submitting them when you apply for PAN card or Permanent Account Number. This list also depicts you which type of documents

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PAN card is an important document that is needed for each financial transaction more than Rs.50, 000 (Fifty Thousand). It is significant to know your PAN Jurisdiction as sometimes you have to convene your jurisdictional assessing officer that directly connects with your PAN card number. Every PAN card number has its own specific jurisdiction that allows holders to take tax verdicts as well as to make decisions about it. Enter PAN Number