Documents Required for PAN Card Application

If you are applying for PAN card, then you need to get an overall list of all the documents needed for applying for a PAN card. The application for PAN card needs a specific list of documents. Submitting appropriate documents will make the processing of your application faster. You require submitting them when you apply for PAN card or Permanent Account Number. This list also depicts you which type of documents will be adequate to the authority. PAN card is provided only after confirmation of the documents put forward.  A PAN card can be acquired by a person or by a company.

Permanent Account Number, generally called as PAN, is a unique verification number that was primarily developed to verify the tax-payers in India. The idea of PAN card was initially established in 1972 and rolled out by the Indian government and was made constitutional under section 139A of the IT Act, 1961. Due to not maintaining database and nonattendance of a centralized authority to check and allocate PAN cards, the idea was not employed at that time. On the other hand, with the development in technology, PAN has got its impetus and is now regarded as a compulsory document for doing financial transactions, purchasing jewelry or mutual funds, and pertaining for loans or passport, amid others. PAN is issued to individuals or any tax paying units and all associated information about them could be checked via this number which is unique for each entity for the life span. Now, PAN is broadly used as a valid identity proof and any financial transaction needs PAN card.

PAN is a unique ten digit alphanumeric individuality that is assigned by the Income Tax Department to every taxpayer under the management of the Central Board of Direct Taxes or CBDT. Apart from being an identity proof for IT department, there are different uses of PAN number such as opening bank account, cash and fixed deposits, obtaining debit and credit cards, loans, foreign exchange, insurance payments, telephone connection, making investments and purchasing properties and motor vehicles are some to point out.

An application for PAN card can be submitted online. On the other hand, once the application for PAN card is submitted online, a hard-copy of this application in conjunction with the required documents has to be submitted to the closest TIN Facilitation Centre if applied via NSDL Portal or the closest UTIITSL’s IT PAN Service Centre if applied via UTIITSL website. The PAN card application is not processed if not the IT department obtains these documents.

In addition, if submitted documents are not correct, the PAN application shall be declined. Thus, it is significant to know which documents are to be furnished along with PAN card and know your pan jurisdiction.

No issue even if you are applying as an individual, as a Hindu undivided family, as an organization or as a partnership firm. All the needed set of PAN card documents is described here.

Documents Required While Filling PAN Card Application Form:

Even if the PAN card application is made online or offline, given below documents will be needed by the each applicant of PAN card:-

  1. In both the cases, PAN card application’s hard copy or downloaded printout of application should be delivered to service provider as per the guidelines of service provider.
  2. In case of individual, two colored photos of applicant will be needed to be pasted on application’s hard copy or downloaded printout of application. The colored photos should be faced in front and simple background and light background is always chosen.
  3. In various other cases, no photo will be needed and signatures will be done by authorized person like member, partner, karta or director, etc. at the same place, but with no photo.
  4. No part of photo should come outside the signature box.
  5. Overall three signatures are needed on PAN card application, but in case of a minor, signatures will be made by his any of guardian or parents.
  6. Signatures should be done if possible in blank ink. Using black ink is always chosen.
  7. Signatures should be made in requisite way and at needed places only. Signatures on right hand side box below the photograph and within the box at the end should be done within the box and should not hit the periphery of the box.
  8. Valid Id proofs for Photo Id of application, address proof and proof for DOB should be affixed with the application. All the needed affidavits and certificates (if any delivered) should be delivered in original and all other documents’ self attested photocopy is enough.
  9. To find out valid identity proofs or list of valid ID proofs, you may please go to
  10. All the documents together with hard copy of application or download should be delivered to service provider if possible by registered post.
  11. Same method should also be pursued in case of reprint of PAN card, duplicate PAN card or misplaced PAN card.

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