How to Cancel PAN Card

Permanent account number or PAN, which is a 10-digit alphanumeric code, allotted by the income tax department under the complete supervision of the CBDT acts as a valid identity proof for all taxpayers and has to be compulsorily referenced in all financial transactions.

As per Income Tax Law, having more than one PAN card is an illegal offense as per the Act. An individual cannot hold more than one PAN Card and we do not understand the situations that may have led to a replacement or duplicate card.

You may cancel PAN card only if you are provided with an additional PAN card by mistake or if you deliberately applied for more than one PAN card. Several PAN cards may have been provided for different reasons. He or She may have applied many times for getting PAN card or may have by chance allotted several PAN cards by Income Tax Department, UTI or NSDL. If you have more than single PAN card, fine of Rs. 10,000/- will be obligated on you under Section 272B of the IT Act, 1961. So, to ignore that, PAN card cancellation or surrender is needed. You can cancel PAN card via Online or Offline mode, before you can Know your PAN card details here.

PAN Card Cancellation Online:

  1. A PAN card holder should log on to the official website of the IT department and fill up the necessary details after going through the instructions.
  2. On the other hand, a PAN card holder can fill up the PAN Change Request application form. The PAN presently in use has to be stated on the top of the form. The extra PANs allotted should be recorded in item no. 11 whereas the PAN card that has to be abandoned should be given with the form.

PAN Card Cancellation Offline:

  • Write a letter to this consequence to the assessing officer under whose authority you have been filing your tax returns. The letter must involve details like your name, contact info, details of the PAN card to be kept, info of the duplicate PAN Card that you need to give in, etc. Keep your letter’s acknowledgement copy that you have filed with the IT department, saying that you are giving in your extra PAN. That is enough as proof of surrender and no extra verification from the IT authorities is needed. On receiving of the acknowledgement, there is no requirement of waiting for intimation from the income tax department thinking that the PAN card submitted has now been abandoned by them. The acknowledgment copy of the letter put forward will more than resolve the purpose.
  • Manually fill up the Form No. 49A for change or correction in PAN card and submit the same at your nearby UTI PAN centers or NSDL TIN facilitation centers. Go through the point no. 10 in that form where you can fill the extra PAN number you want to terminate. Check the box in front of point no. 10.

It is significant to note that the PAN card holder requires having an acknowledgement copy of the letter. The acknowledge letter from the IT department as such acts as evidence that the extra PAN has been cancelled. In other words, the PAN card holder does not have to get in touch with the income tax department again for verification on cancellation of his duplicate or extra PAN.

Causes for cancellation or surrender of a PAN card:

As it is a criminal offense to have more than two PAN Cards. It is best to have them submitted. In case a lady has married she need not apply for one more PAN card due to the change in surname. She can easily get her name changed on the PAN Card.  Applying for one more PAN card after marriage would again direct to duplicate cards, which is not allowed. The process in this case is also not boring and you can get it changed without difficulty.

A PAN card holder with more than one PAN card has to submit his or her extra PAN as having more than one PAN card will impose fine of Rs.10,000.

A card holder may select to cancel the card for the following causes:

  1. Multiple PANs provided involuntarily by the income tax department.
  2. In different cases, various PAN cards can be provided to one person for the following causes:
    • A PAN card holder can apply many times for a PAN card. As a result, multiple PANs are provided against his name by the IT department.
    • In some cases, the NSDL or the IT department can incorrectly allocate various PAN cards to one person.
  3. PAN that is presently in use has to be terminated owing to some mistakes in it.

Overall, if the PAN number in both the cards is not same, then you will have to submit one of the PAN cards as soon as feasible.

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