How to Surrender PAN Card

Surrender PAN Card: All tax payers and entities are needed to apply for a PAN card for the task of filing their IT Tax Returns. The Income Tax Department provides PAN cards on the part of the government of India. A PAN card is a unique ten digit character number that is allotted to each tax payer, and only one can be allotted to a tax paying entity.

PAN cards are applicable for the holder’s complete life, i.e., the PAN number allotted to a person or entity will not alter in case of theft or loss.

There are times when a person or entity is needed to give up their PAN cards, for a number of causes. The method for giving up your PAN card is based on the cause for it is described below.

PAN Card Surrender Methods:

A person or entity could have been provided with duplicate PAN cards due to a managerial error or if he applied many times and obtained a PAN card every time. As it is not legal to have more than one PAN card at a time, the duplicates have to be given up, also check duplicate pan card surrender status .

Online Method to Surrender PAN Card:

  • Go to the IT department’s website and go to the Surrender Duplicate PAN alternative.
  • Enter the information of the duplicate PAN number and the PAN you desire to retain as well your individual information like full name, DOB (date of amalgamation in case of companies) and contact info.
  • Submit the form where you will be taken as to the additional process.

Offline Method to Surrender Duplicate PAN Card:

  • Write a pan card surrender application or pan card surrender letter to the Assessing Officer under whose authority your Income Tax is filed. State your individual details like the complete name on your PAN card, date of birth (or date of amalgamation in case of organizations or companies), PAN card number to be sustained and details of duplicate PAN card being given up.
  • Post or give away the letter to the nearby tax office and keep the acknowledgement obtained. The acknowledgment shows the duplicate PAN cards have been terminated by the department.
  • On the other hand, you could fill up Form 49A for change or modification in PAN card and submit the form to the nearby UTI or NSDL TIN assistance centre.

Surrender PAN card due to the death of an individual holder:

In the event of the termination of the PAN card holder, a letter to the IT officer for that authority is to be written by the relatives of the dead person. The letter should state the reason for the surrender as well as a copy of the individual holder’s death certificate. The letter should also state the PAN details like PAN number, name, and DOB.

This method can be employed to surrender of PAN card on the demise of Indian residents, NRIs as well as foreign residents.

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Surrender of partnership/firm/company’s PAN card:

Online method to surrender partnership/firm/company’s PAN card:

  • If the partnership is being break up, the PAN card provided in the name of the firm, partnership or company has to be surrendered or given up.
  • The PAN card can be surrendered online by going to the NSDL TIN website and filling up form 49A.
  • Choose the category from the drop down menu and move ahead with filling up the form online.
  • Fill the PAN number to be terminated in item eleven of the form.
  • Submit the form and take a print out of the acknowledgement and send it with the required documents to the NSDL office at the address stated on the form.
  • You will get a notice once the request has been put forward.

Offline method to surrender partnership/firm/company’s PAN Card:

  • Write a letter to the IT officer under whose authority the firm/company’s taxes were being filed and state that the company is being break up, coming out as the PAN card being given up.
  • Add a copy of the action that says the company is being break up, the PAN card plus an acknowledgment of the return being filed for the discontinuation phase.
  • Put forward the letter and documents to the IT officer and keep a copy of the acknowledgement obtained from the tax office.

Surrender of PAN in use:

Whereas Indian citizens are not suggested to give up the PAN card they are employing as it can be used as a suitable document for identity confirmation, foreign residents who are leaving the country and will not be reimbursing tax have no specific use of a PAN card.

Such people can give in their PAN card by writing a letter to the IT Assessing Officer under whose authority they come, stating the cause for the PAN surrender.

The PAN card will then be terminated or cancelled and the holder can surrender it to the tax officer.

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