PAN Card Correction/Modification

A PAN is a very significant document from the Indian financial perspective, with everybody taking part in monetary activities anticipated to have it. Given its significance, most of us have a tendency to carry it on us, thus exposing it to the threat of loss or damage. Whereas prevention is better than treatment, there are times when we either misplace it or require modifications to a present card. Opposite to popular belief, these changes of PAN are a simple method, thereby saving time and effort on our behalf. Before going future, do know your PAN card details for filling up PAN forms properly.

Lost PAN or Request for New PAN Card:

Individuals who have lost their PAN or need a PAN card for their current Permanent Account Number can log on to the authorized website of TIN-NSDL or UTITSL and find the way to the Lost PAN or request for new PAN. They are then anticipated to fill up an PAN card form, giving information like their PAN, name, and DOB, father’s name, address, contact info and the required ID proofs.

The Income Tax department will analyze the form and provide a duplicate PAN card if all the detail is correct and factual. Both Indian residents and foreigners can use this service to apply for a duplicate PAN card in case they misplaced their original one.

Modifications or Corrections in PAN Details:

There is a probability for errors to take place in our PAN details, with the most general ones being wrong spellings, DOB, change of address in PAN, etc. Whereas this information might not appear serious, they could have an influence and it is worthwhile to make them correct at the earliest. This can be completed by using the same PAN application form as before and filling up the proper information. The form should be filled completely and the boxes that need modifications should be ticked. Once uploaded, these modifications will be incorporated and whereas the PAN card would stay the same, the modifications will be visible on other details.

A new PAN card with rationalized information will be provided to the applicant, with the PAN remaining the same.

Fees associated with changes, corrections, updating, reissue of current PAN:

Individuals who are interested in reapplying for a duplicate PAN card or to make changes to a current one need to keep in mind that this method is not free and a minimum amount will be charged. This amount is based on the communication address of a person, with it being Rs. 107 if the address is in India and Rs. 989 if the address is not in India. These prices include Service Tax as well.

Documents needed to reprint, modify or update current PAN Details:

Modifying any details in a current PAN card or applying for a duplicate PAN in case of robbery or loss needs an applicant to provide documents sustaining the application form. These documents differ, based on even if it is a person, company, group or entity that is applying and applicant’s nationality.

  • Indian Individuals and HUFs– An Indian or HUF applying to change the details in his or her PAN card should put forward a copy of a suitable government authorized ID proof, address proof and a proof of date of birth. Individual applicants should also provide two passport size photographs along their application.
  • Companies, firms, partnerships with their office in India– Companies and other entities with their office in India should send their registration copy provided by a competent authority as their address and ID proof in order to make in their PAN.
  • Companies/firms/partnerships with office only outside India– Such entities who have no office in India should submit a copy of their registration certificate which has been issued in their country of location and duly attested by the Indian Embassy/High Commission or authorized officers. They will also have to give a copy of their registration certificate issued by an Indian authority.
  • Foreign citizens– Foreign citizens (either living in India or abroad) are needed to submit an address and ID proof to sustain their application. This can be their passport, citizenship ID number, copy of PIO card, etc.
  • Additional foreign entities– These entities should give an ID and address proof that can be either their registration certificate (provided in the country of applicant) or by the Indian High Commission or Embassy present in that country. A copy of the registration certificate authorized by local Indian authorities is also needed.

Documents needed to support changes in PAN Card details:

Any changes in individual information on a PAN should be sustained by applicable documents. The table below shows the documents needed for a specific change request.

Change Request

Supporting Documents

Change in name of individual Name change credential from a gazetted officer or name change periodical in official gazette
Change in DOB ID proof with proper date of birth
Change in name of women due to wedding Marriage certificate, invitation card, approved copy from gazetted officer
Change in name of company or firm Certificate from registrar of Companies or modernized partnership action

Any other changes need appropriate documents sustaining such a change.

Process to update, modify or change in the communication address:

With people going to different cities or towns in search of work, there is a high probability of a change in address. PAN card holders who require updating their communication address can do so by following a few easy steps.

  • Fill up the form for new PAN or modifications from the authorized website of TIN-NSDL. All the columns should be completed, checking the box which describes address for communication, normally found on the left margin.
  • Mention even if the said address is of a house or office.
  • Updating an address can be completed by describing the new address on an additional sheet and appending it to the form.
  • Submit applicable proof pointing out change of address (DL with new address, utility bill, etc.)
  • Submit the form with sustaining documents to applicable authority.

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