PAN Card Status

If you have applied for PAN Card, then you can check your PAN card status online. There are three sites that provide PAN Card status, i.e., NDSL’s and UTI’s portal. Another method for tracking PAN Card status at e-Mudhra.

You can verify your PAN card status effectively if you have applied through NSDL or UTI. After applying, you will get acknowledgment or coupon number, this number can be employed to check your pan card status. If you obtain acknowledgment number, then this means you have applied through NSDL or if you get coupon number, then this means you have applied through UTI. On applying, you will get an acknowledgement (if you apply via NSDL) or a coupon number (via UTI) or a reference number (via e-Mudra).

PAN Status is a facility to verify the PAN Card status online. This online facility gives the details of PAN Card delivery status. After applying for the PAN Card the applicant can verify their PAN Status. The PAN Status is nothing, but the delivery status of hard copy of PAN Card.

A PAN applicant, who has applied for the PAN, can verify the status of the PAN Card via acknowledgment number. Acknowledgment number is a fifteen digit number that is used for checking the PAN Card via online PAN Status portal.

You should check status of your PAN application only after five days from the date of fifteen digit numbered acknowledgement, Receipt or ten digit from UTI coupon produced.

Things required for checking PAN card status are Acknowledgment number (If PAN is applied through NSDL) and Coupon number ( If PAN is applied through UTI). In addition, you can check the status of your PAN Card by using your name and date of birth (DOB).

Track UTI PAN Card Status:

To check if you already have PAN Card number and want to check PAN Card Status, fill below required details:

First Name
Middle Name
Image code
Enter Image code

UTI is Infrastructure technology & service limited that provides facility to track status of your PAN for duplicate card and make changes and correction in existing PAN card. Follow the steps given below for tracking the Pan card online or Check UTI PAN Card Status with details procedure.

  1. Open the UTI official website
  2. You will be directed to the tracking app page of the UTI portal. The first process you will be facing is to select the type of your PAN Card Application option out of the three options given: (1) New Application F49A (2) Form 49AA (3) CSF
  3. All the above form has different purpose
  • F494 is for new application PAN.
  • CFS is for duplication of PAN Card and correction in existing once.
  1. You have to enter the 15 digit application or coupon number in the given field.
  2. By clicking on submit button you will get your current PAN card status.

Track NSDL PAN Card Status:

If you have applied for PAN card through NSDL portal the below guideline will be helpful for tracking PAN using NSDL. Just follow the simple steps given below and track your PAN status:

  1. Open the NSDL website.
  2. Click on you relevant application type such as ‘PAN New/Change Request’.
  3. In the next field enter the acknowledgement number.
  4. Enter the Name and Date of Birth in required format.
  5. Click on Submit and you will get your PAN Card Status.

Check PAN CARD status on e-Mudra:

If you have applied for PAN card on via e-Mudra portal, then you will need the reference number for verifying your status.

1. Go to the e-Mudra portal
2. Fill up your reference number, DOB and check it via automated system request.
3. Click submit button to verify the status of your application.

Why is a PAN Card essential?

A PAN card is an important document for all Indian citizens. The government has made it compulsory for all financial transactions to be checked to a PAN card. Thus, if you want to open a bank account, file your taxes, purchase property, and rent a home, then all of these need a PAN card. It is even significant when applying for further documents like a passport.

And, with the Government keeping a closer eye on black money and persisting on banks fulfilling KYC rules, the significance of the PAN card will only increase.

One can, nowadays, apply for a PAN card quickly via different websites. So, you can apply for a new or duplicate PAN card from the comfort of your home. Once completed, you can even check your application status via the fields above or through one of the three methods described above.

Substitutes to a PAN card:
There are definite transactions, where the need of filling the PAN card number can be completed with, provided that the Form 60 is completed.

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can fill the Form 60 in place of PAN, as it is not compulsory for them to have PAN cards. On the other hand, it is without doubt very useful to have a PAN card. This is true now that it is needed even for daily financial transactions, involves paying a restaurant bill of more than Rs. 25,000.

PAN CARD Data Correction:

To change or PAN Card Correction data, separate form is already given. You can apply there. At the UTI and NSDL portal, select the option to change in PAN card and fill the all data you want to change and submit online. If you have applied offline, then you will have to attach all the required documents with the form and send to relevant offices of UTI and NSDL.

Duplicate PAN Card:

Same procedure you need to follow for duplication of PAN card, which you have followed for new pan card. In case of damage, theft or you have lost your pan card you will need a new pan card. New pan card will be issued with your existing pan number. You need to provide necessary documents such as proof of identity, proof of Date of Birth and proof of residence. You will get the new Pan card, but pan number will remain same and also you can track new pan card status online.